Shim Press - Providing the a Shim Builder Tool to buy shim washers and shim strips online.

Welcome to Shim Press. UK Shim manufacture is what we specialise in, it has been for over 90 years. Shim manufacture here at Shim Press has never changed, although investment in machinery is constantly evolving, Shim Press has always maintained the same method when producing shims, pressing, and we do that here in the UK.

Our press shop is designed to manufacture all shapes and sizes of shims to drawing, as well as strips of shim to size in steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and laminate materials.

The tool room here at Shim Press has a vast array of sizes and shapes of tooling and the material stores holds an extensive range of materials and sizes, details are on the materials page of the site.

About us

Shims are commonly used for aligning or spacing between two components or surfaces to allow for wear compensation or tolerance accumulation (dimensional variance). The process of placing and removing pieces of shim for alignment acquired the name “shimming”. Similarly shims are used for bearing adjustment. Shims can be manufactured from various materials and take many profiles.

Laminated shims provide peelable layers allowing for variable thicknesses to reduce working time, and the necessity to stock a large variety of shim thicknesses. Laminated shims can also be used to remove the wear out of rotating shafts and adjusting the tolerances on the top and bottom of the alignment.

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